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Trusted Deep Tech Experts

Singleton is a full-scale product development house that specializes in full product R&D services and product lifecycle management for the Start-up, High-tech and Biotech industries.

The company is based in Israel and has over 20 years of track record supplying complex product R&D services to customers ranging from small, seed level start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.


Our projects are planned, carried out and delivered as 'turnkey' projects, and are being carefully managed and monitored by a seasoned and proven R&D management team, with careful and result driven development and release methodology. Singleton has set its mission to deliver projects on time, on budget and with strict adherence to international quality standards and customer acceptance criteria.

We are proud to have taken part (whether as founders, Angel investors, or R&D jump-starters) in launching our partners’ and customers’ successful products for over two decades.

The company offers a range of customer-focused solutions in areas where our expertise is optimal, and the value delivered to customers is at its peak.


Artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning.


Electro-mechanic integrations, robotics, and automata.


Advanced algorithms and implementations in encryption, time series, large data.

Financial Algorithms

Statistics based pricing, trading, testing and risk management algorithm design and deployment.

We are always happy to learn about new and exciting ventures in the early stages of their lifecycle. We took part in establishing some successful enterprises in the past and will be glad to participate in yours. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a founding team, or an established enterprise contact us and let’s discuss how we can help.


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